Terms and Conditions - Dubrovnik and Konavle Walking Festival

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Terms and Conditions

To participate in Dubrovnik & Konavle Walking Festival, participants must meet the following requirements:

1. Registration fee covers basic insurance policy for Dubrovnik & Konavle walking festival. In case you need a special insurance, please contact us.

2. Walking on the nature can be sometimes difficult, so participants under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult of full legal age that considers that the minor is able to complete the chosen hike. Such adult must be responsible for the minor for all purposes.

3. Persons with any type of disability must be also accompanied by a responsible adult. This circumstance must be notified to the organizers.

4. Dubrovnik & Konavle Walking Festival promotes environmental friendliness. The participants won’t leave any trash on the path and will also show a total respect for the flora and fauna on the walks. Participants must act responsibly with the environment, promoting the environmental preservation and social balance at all times.

5. Participants must wear proper clothes and footwear for hiking. Otherwise, the organizers may prohibit the participation of hikers not complying with this requirement.

6. For the hikes, it is recommended that participants use comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear to participate, as well as sufficient food and drinks, hat or caps and sun protection.

7. Bad weather conditions shall not be an obstacle for the development of the hikes. However, the organizers reserve the right to amend or remove scheduled hikes, especially in the case that the personal safety of the participants may be affected.

8. If the event is cancelled by the organizers due to bad weather, the participant will receive a refund of the excursions.

9. Once a participant is registered, the registration fee shall not be refunded in the case that the participant decides to not attend the event, whether the reason is justified or not.

10. The groups for the Dubrovnik & Konavle Walking Festival will have a maximum of 50 participants, who will be accompanied by a guide and an escort. The minimum participants per excursion is 8, should the number not reach that figure, the participants will be relocated to other excursions.

11. Guides are experts on the walks. They are leading, the participants must follow their instructions all the time during the walks.

12. In case participants suffer from any illness that could become an inconvenience to participate on the walks, they have to inform our staff.

13. Liability - The participants of the Dubrovnik˛& Konavle Walking festival do it under their own risk and responsibility. All walks programmed are not especially difficult, but sometimes walking on the nature can be dangerous especially if you are not using the appropriate clothing, footwear. The organizers or sponsors won’t be responsible for any accident that any person might suffer during the walks.

14. No technical equipment is required. Mountain shoes – solid, waterproof and with proper ankle hold – are recommended, whereas sneakers may be left for short walks. Apart from the small but adequate 30-litre rucksack, you should carry telescopic trekking poles to deal with steep slopes in comfort, as well as a mobile phone for safety reasons.