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Dubrovnik gastro walking tour
(1. – 8. October 2018.)

Trip Overview

This trip will show you why the City of Dubrovnik has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1979. A simple hike to the Imperial Fortress built in 1806, during the reign of Napoleon, will offer you a spectacular view over the city’s impressive stone architecture and signature red roofs. A relaxing stroll through the beautiful forest park of Petka above Dubrovnik or an enjoyable walk down along the cobbled streets of the old city will quickly make you realize what a true gem Dubrovnik really is.

It is not only the Old City that takes all the fame; surrounding islands and charming hinterland contribute greatly to Dubrovnik’s nickname “The Jewel of the Adriatic”. Wander along the coastal walking paths of Koločep island next to centuries-old pine trees, wild lavender and olive groves. Hop to the island of Lopud, where ancient Greek, Roman and Slavic ruins can be seen. Walk along steep serpentine bends from village to village, hike towards the old railway path and enjoy exploring beautiful landscape of the very south of Croatia.

Long leisure walks do wonders for the appetite, and traditional Croatian taverns are as much a highlight along the way as the landscapes and history.

Trip Highlights

• Hike through the Petka forest park
• Discover the island of Koločep on foot
• Walk through the deep forests on the beautiful island of Lopud
• Hike through the old railway path and relax sitting on 7 meters high terrace on a big oak-tree
• Visit the city of Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Adriatic

Route Dubrovnik - Elaphite islands (Koločep & Lopud) – Cavtat
Duration 8D / 7N
Level Moderate
Season All seasons
Altitude Max 791 m metres
Total activity distance 50 km
Total activity time 12 Hours


1st of October 2018

Transfer from Dubrovnik airport to Dubrovnik.

Accommodation Dubrovnik: Selection of hotels available upon request
Meals Dinner
Transfer time 1 Hour


2nd of October 2018
Hidden Dubrovnik hiking tour

Today we will stroll through the pleasant Petka forest. The protected Petka forest park is located between the two hills above the ancient city of Dubrovnik and lovely Lapad peninsula. It is the only protected nature reserve in the inner city area of Dubrovnik, being its green oasis and lungs. This exceptionally well-preserved forest is abundant in Aleppo pine and maquis, making it an extremely valuable landscape in Dubrovnik.

Our relaxed walk begins in front of the Hotel Palace, located in the Babin Kuk area. We will climb up to two delightful viewpoints and visit three bunkers from the World War II. Our walk will continue through the beautiful forest to the county hospital Medarevo and the Gorica St. Vlaho area, where we will have a possibility to visit two churches.

The tour will continue towards the old city and the city cemetery Boninovo. We will be walking towards the western entrance to the old city of Dubrovnik, Pile Gate. We will enter this gorgeous walled city, and proceed to sightseeing. An enjoyable stroll through the history of Dubrovnik and its monuments is simply a must. Venture along its narrow stone streets and create your unique memories.

Accommodation Dubrovnik: Selection of hotels available upon request
Meals BB
Transfer time 1 Hour
Activity time 3 Hours
Altitude 130 metres
Distance 8 KM


3rd of October 2018
Kalamota’s secret hiking tour

Koločep is a green island west of Dubrovnik and one of the favorite excursion spots. Locally known as Kalamota, this island is the most inhabited in southern Croatia and belongs to a group of islands called the Elaphite Islands.

There are two main villages at the island, Gornje Čelo and Donje Čelo, connected by the only major road. The island’s beautiful protected forest park is filled with Aleppo pines, 100-year old pine groves, cypress and coastal pines. Charming gardens full of orange and lemon trees can be seen all over the island. Just imagine all these scents in the air while strolling the island!

We will travel by boat from Dubrovnik harbor to the port of Donje Čelo. From there, we will walk through the village toward the remains of the church of St. Michael, dating from the 6th century. We will continue a bit further west along narrow paths leading to the south side of the island.

As we stroll along lovely trails through the woods of the coastal belt, we will see unique cliff formations with centuries-old pines hanging above. We will follow the seashore path to the lighthouse of St. Andrija and towards Jekavac Bay. Our final destination for the day will be the village of Gornje Čelo.

Accommodation Lopud: Selection of hotels available upon request
Meals BB
Transfer time 2 Hour
Activity time 2 Hours
Altitude 100 metres
Distance 12 KM

4th of October 2018 

Free day

Use your free time to relax and enjoy, charge your “batteries” for new adventures which await us on this trip!

5th of October 2018 

Craft beer workshop

Discover unique walking path and various endemic plants, as well as aromatic herbs of the region Konavle located close to Dubrovnik.

Hike along picturesque landscape, located in the ambience of traditional rural architecture on the south of Croatia from village of Popovici towards village of Čilipi, the biggest settlement in Konavle and surely the best place to meet the traditions of Konavle.

After a short break our walking adventure would proceed towards country house Čilipi wich is run by the Novakovic family for a presentation of first craft beer in Konavle region.

Curious about craft beer? Do you want to know why some beers are dark while others are light? You will get your answers on Novaković craft beer workshop.

Accommodation Dubrovnik: Selection of hotels available upon request
Meals BB
Transfer time 1,5 Hours
Activity time 4 Hours
Altitude 200 metres
Distance 6 KM


6th of October 2018 

Old railway hiking tour

Trek and discover the forgotten railway line, closed back in the 1969. Our route starts from the scenic village of Vojski Do and goes all the way to the adventure park Cadmos Village.

The path follows the old railway located beneath impressive Sniježnica Mountain. This adventurous trip takes us through two tunnels to the former railway station situated in the village of Mihanići.

Our journey continues through lovely Konavle valley where you can see beautiful vineyards maintained with much love and care.

At the end of the tour, we will come to the adventure park Cadmos Village where, despite of its theme, you can relax on the 7 meter high oak tree terrace with stunning views of Konavle valley and enjoy peaceful natural surroundings.

Accommodation Dubrovnik: Selection of hotels available upon request
Meals BB
Transfer time 45 Minutes
Activity time 2 Hours
Altitude 200 metres
Distance 10 KM


7th of October 2018.

Fort Imperial hiking tour

Our walking tour starts from east side of Dubrovnik with old streets lined with stone houses. Narrow path leads us uphill to the Fort Imperial built on Mount Srđ during the French occupation of Dubrovnik Republic in 19th century.

There is Croatian War of Independence Museum within the Fort. Exhibition tells the story of heroic defense of Dubrovnik, its heritage and people. The main themes include Dubrovnik in the Croatian War of Independence 1991 - 1995 and the history of Fort Imperial. The exhibits include: documents, art and documentary photographs, printed materials, weapons, mines and explosive devices, war maps, commands, parts of military equipment, objects from every-day life which belonged to the residents and defenders of Dubrovnik under the aggressors siege, authentic recordings and video material, reminiscences of the participants, the armed forces war flags, the original flag which waved on Srđ in 1991, mine fields maps, war log books, etc.

After sightseeing we will visit cozy village of Bosanka for a lunch.Our goal is to display a different face of Dubrovnik – the one away from crowds, oriented towards local flavors and paths, with the sense of freedom, calmness and belonging to nature.

Accommodation Dubrovnik: Selection of hotels available upon request
Meals BB
Transfer time 30 mins
Activity time 2 Hours
Altitude 395 metres
Distance 8 KM


8th of October 2018.

Transfer from Cavtat to Dubrovnik airport.

Meals Breakfast
Transfer time 20 min


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