Half day trips - Dubrovnik and Konavle Walking Festival


Following Napoleon steps

8th of November 2019. - 9h
Following Napoleon steps - Srđ

Our walking tour starts from east side of Dubrovnik with old streets lined with stone houses. Narrow path leads us uphill to the Fort Imperial built on Mount Srđ during the French occupation of Dubrovnik Republic in 19th century.

There is Croatian War of Independence Museum within the Fort. Exhibition tells the story of heroic defense of Dubrovnik, its heritage and people. The main themes include Dubrovnik in the Croatian War of Independence 1991 - 1995 and the history of Fort Imperial. The exhibits include: documents, art and documentary photographs, printed materials, weapons, mines and explosive devices, war maps, commands, parts of military equipment, objects from every-day life which belonged to the residents and defenders of Dubrovnik under the aggressors siege, authentic recordings and video material, reminiscences of the participants, the armed forces war flags, the original flag which waved on Srđ in 1991, mine fields maps, war log books, etc.

After sightseeing we will visit proceed in direction village of Bosanka for a lunch.

Our goal is to display a different face of Dubrovnik – the one away from crowds, oriented towards local flavors and paths, with the sense of freedom, calmness and belonging to nature.

Route Dubrovnik/Mount Srđ/Imperial Fort/Bosanka village
Level Moderate
Altitude 200 Meters
Distance 6 km

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Old railway road

9th of November 2019 - 9h
Old railway road - Ćiro

Our hiking tour starts from small village Vojski Do located in Konavle mountains. Will visit Tavern Konavle for a snack.

Old railway road located beneath mountain of Sniježnica and two tunnels between former trail station near village of Mihanići. Even though the old railway road was closed in 1969 nowadays it is still usually used by hikers.

Our walking tour will proceed towards former railway station for a break and refreshment. Unique breathtaking Konavle valley, with its vineyards, olive plants and other farmlands, a true countryside of Dubrovnik hides unique small family-owned vineries.

The tour would lead us to the Cadmos Village, lovely, cozy and ecofriendly place hidden in the oak woods for a lunch. This amazing property (Adventure Park, restaurant and treehouse) is situated in the picturesque region of Konavle, near the tranquil village of Komaji. Nestled deep in unique oak woodland, guests would enjoy in a beautiful, secluded spot while tasting unique and delicious local delicacies surrounded with untouched nature.

LEVEL: Moderate/difficult
ROUTE: Cavtat/Moćići/Čilipi/Cadmos Village

Route Vojski do/Mihanići/Cadmos village
Level Moderate
Altitude 200 Meters
Distance 15 km

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 staza zupa 2



10th of November 2019 - 9h

Walking trail Župa

Discover all the hidden magic of Župa dubrovačka with a unique walking tour starting at sea level.

The walking trail will take you from the magnificent beach in Mlini through the pine forest park Striježice up to the mountain Malaštica from where you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the Župa dubrovačka bay.

A fire trail will take you to the oldest settlements in  Župa dubrovačka. While crossing between the vineyards and the olive groves you will descend into the field, passing the "Rector's Palace".

Walk through the new urban area and finsh back at the most popular beach Kupari.


Route Dubrovnik/aqueduct/railway road/marina
Level Moderate
Altitude 300 Meters
Distance 15 km